What to know before creating a trading account using the auto trade gold platform?

What to know before creating a trading account using the auto trade gold platform?

The auto trade gold platform lets you buy an automated bot controlled by a team of professional traders which could take care of all your trading actions and bring you a predefined profit daily. There are certain necessities you should ensure to open an account and you should know the process of registration. Let us discuss them in brief.
Necessities for account creation
If you are about to open a gold trading account with the auto trade gold platform, you should show some necessary factors of proof and accessibility of funds to the platform. Some of these requirements are as follows,
Bank account – You could not make deposits or withdraw money after a successful trade if you do not have a bank account. So, a bank account accessible by you will be the primary necessity if you wish to buy and trade gold using the platform. You should provide the details of your bank account while creating your account on the platform.
Identity proof – You may have some identity indicators like a license or nationality proof. If you have your photo on these documents, you can have them for your identity verification. Since the process involves transactions with real currency and gold, you should showcase your real identity.
Email address – It is not enough to showcase identity proof but also you should have a mailing address for further communication from the platform. So, you should provide your mail address upon the creation of a new trading account. You should have the access to this mailing address as an activation mail would come afterward.
Registering an account
You should go through the following processes
• Account creation on the broker site
• Account verification
• Creation of the gold trading account
• Deposit of trading capital
• Purchase of the bot

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