Venture Island Game Show – A New Game Show For a New Comic

In the world of online gaming, Tech Magnate Josh Team is a character who weaves his way through an online game world as a master of deception and insidious schemes. He’s certainly one to be reckoned with, but does he have what it takes to bring down the house in an episode of Supergirl? Find out as this preview of Season 1 finds Team Venture into the center of the action!

The first episode opens up with a bang as the entire Team Venture team sets up shop in a new building that’s actually been converted for business purposes. Team Venture attacks a number of companies who are selling substandard energy drinks. After taking down their owner and taking over his warehouse, Team Venture infiltrates the facility and proceeds to find a number of missing boxes. As they sort out the mess that has been created, Team Venture tracks down the perpetrator and while they are there they encounter the villainous Mr. Fixit.

Mr. Fixit, who claims to be an inventor, is really just a con artist. For some reason, he thinks he can invent the perfect energy drink, thus making him the only person qualified to sell it. Team Venture is able to thwart his evil plans and save the day once again. The catch in this episode is that while Team Venture prevents Mr. Fixit from stealing the formula, they also allow him to steal the identity of Team Venture’s newest member-the beautiful Kara Danvers.

Mr. Fixit makes his way through the sewers of New Gotham City and gets himself into the penthouse of the Daily Planet, where he awaits the arrival of Superman. He’s determined to destroy Superman, so Team Venture and the whole city must stand against him. Although Superman is able to fight and subdue him, Mr. Fixit makes his escape. Team Venture, Flash, and Impulse join forces to help Superman stop his evil schemes. In the end, Superman is left with no choice but to accept the help of the mysterious and powerful Riddler. The Riddler, however, proves to be a more formidable foe, and helps Superman defeat Mr. Fixit once and for all.

With his latest scheme, Mr. Fixit gains access to the world’s greatest and most secretive technology. With the help of his lackeys, he also gains access to the World Computer, which is where he plans to conquer the world. Unfortunately, the planet’s only remaining hero-Superman-also has his own plans for combating Mr. Fixit. When the villains are defeated, the world is introduced to Superman for the first time. The entire city transforms around him, and Superman is transformed into the forceful and proud hero he was meant to be.

Although the first season of the Venture show is lighthearted and hilarious, it is not enough to create a following among hardcore comic book fans. The characters are too simplistic for many viewers to take seriously. Nevertheless, the show does have its loyal followers, who continue to watch each episode avidly. For die-hard fans of the superhero genre who prefer their superheros to be far more serious than wholesome, the Venture Island game show may just be the right fit.

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