Common Diseases in Dogs

Besides dogs, pets in general can fall sick. As a pet owner, therefore, you should be prepared for such moments, because you never know when they will strike. Dogs can fall sick from various illnesses. Most of them are manageable, while there are a few others that can be fatal, such as advanced cancer. A sick dog calls for unlimited attention because it cannot do some things by itself, depending on the severity Allergy Cure for Dogs of the sickness.

Simple, manageable situations like allergic reactions can be easily treated by getting Allergy Medicine for Dogs or cats and forgotten, but other complex conditions call for full attention and care while they are on medication. It should also be noted that taking the matter of treating pets into your own hands when you are not familiar with what could be ailing them is not advised. A certified vet is the only person who can attend to a sick dog because they have all the knowledge on diagnosis and treatment. You should seek to understand some of the illnesses that affect dogs so that you are not caught off-guard whenan illness strikes.

A list of common dog diseases
The following is a list of dog diseases you should familiarize with as a dog owner:
 Diabetes. Failure of a dog’s system to produce enough insulinor utilize the insulin present in its systemcan result to diabetes. A non-playful or dull dog is one of the symptoms for a dog that could be diabetic because it lacks energy to maintain its playful nature.
 Cancer. This shouldn’t sound like a death sentence because it can be managed if it is diagnosed early.
 Rabies. This is a fatal disease that can affect almost all mammals, and dogs are no exceptional. The main affected parts are the brain and the spinal cord.
 Kennel cough. This is basically chest cold or bronchitis in dogs.